Who am I?










  • I am a leader, not a follower
  • I am a proud Father of 3 great kids
  • I like to take initiative, not wait for the next thing to come along
  • I am opinionated, I dont like to agree just because everyone else does
  • I can be loud, but I know when to be quiet too
  • I am very extroverted and very social
  • I like to work in team environments where we all work to a common goal
  • I will always give my honest opinion, even though the truth may hurt
  • I am young at heart and dont always act my age
  • I am loyal, to my family, my friends, my employer, and to my team
  • I always hit my deadlines, no matter what
  • I am empathetic towards others issues and concerns
  • I try to learn from my mistakes, not repeat them

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